Child Development Course (QQI Level 5)

295.00 or 148.00 / month for 2 months

  • On successful completion of this online QQI Child Development module learners will be equipped with knowledge, skill and competence relevant to the theory and practice of child development and learning within Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE) settings.
  • What QQI award do I receive? On successful completion of this module you will gain a QQI Level 5 component Certificate in Child Development (5N1764).
  • NFQ Credit Value: 15 Credits.
  • How is it delivered? Online Learning with flexible part-time study from your own home.
  • How long is the Course? Students are given ample time (8 weeks) to complete the course and can start it at any time of the year.
  • What does it cost? The full course fee is €295 and includes all documentation, lecturing, assessments, learner registration and QQI certification fees. No other enrolment fees to pay!
  • There is also an Easy Payment option of – €148 per month over 2 months with our unrivaled Easy Payment Plans. Enrol using your Debit / Credit Card or call us on (+353) 1 206 1828 to avail of this offer
  • Study from Home – No classes to attend.
  • Garda Vetting Provided.
  • Student work placement Insurance covered at no extra cost.


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Course Description


This online QQI Level 5 Child Development course is one of the mandatory modules required for obtaining the Early Childhood Care and Education Certificate.

On successful completion of this module learners will be equipped with knowledge, skill and competence relevant to the theory and practice of child development and learning within Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE) settings.

This module will cover the holistic development of the child including physical, emotional, social and moral, cognitive, language, spiritual, creative and cultural development. Theories of child development and learning will be explored and influences on the development of the child will be considered. Methods of supporting child development will be outlined and observations to monitor the development of the child will be outlined.

This distance learning, QQI accredited course means that Students can study flexibly at home, or at any convenient place and time, and can gain an internationally recognised Qualification.

Students receive a comprehensive Course Manual, Assignments, Efficient Studyguide, and unlimited one-to-one Tutor Support for the course duration.


Course Details


Topics covered include:

  • Unit 1: Holistic Development
  • Unit 2: Theories of Child Development and Learning
  • Unit 3: Influencing Factors
  • Unit 4: Supporting Child Development
  • Unit 5: Observations. 


Entry Requirements / Prerequisites:

  • Leaving certificate, Level 4 certificate or equivalent in a relevant subject area (Healthcare/Childcare/Sports) and/or relevant practical experience (3 years minimum) – Please ask about our requirements surrounding Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) for entry.

  • Mature students (over 23 years) may be exempt from the above prerequisites.

  • Learners will be required to undertake a practical supervised work placement (30 hours minimum over the duration of the programme – approx. 4-6 hours per week) within the relevant vocational area.

  • English Language Requirement: Students entering programmes leading to awards at Level 5 are expected to be able to: be proficient at reading, drafting, preparing and understanding information across a broad range of topics, including quantitative information.

  • Garda Vetting is required for all Childcare placements and students can apply for this through The Open College. Please ask for details.

  • Certain assessments require completion of work, which must be observed and evaluated by a Supervisor or Line manager.

  • Learners undertaking this programme must have basic IT skills and access to the necessary equipment to enable them to undertake an online programme: computer, broadband, email, Microsoft, recording equipment necessary for some skills demonstration tasks, and where applicable any other specialised software/equipment. 

  • As this programme is delivered through distance learning or eLearning, students must be capable of studying on their own initiative.

  • Be competent in both written and spoken English.

  • If you take this course by eLearning you will need basic IT skills and have access to broadband.

  • For more details on participation suitability of this course click here».


Progression to further Studies:

  • This course leads to a level 5 award on the National Framework of Qualifications. Learners can use this credit towards completing the major award in Early Childhood Care and Education – 5M2009.


Work Placements:

If students are not able to secure a Work Placement or provide Insurance for the duration required please contact us to discuss further as we may be able to assist students with placements and work place insurance in certain circumstances. 

The Open College is also registered with the Garda vetting Unit and is in a position to offer students a Garda vetting service. There may be a delay in processing applications with the Garda Vetting Unit due to high demand so we advise you to complete the form on registration.



Collection of Work: 40%
Assignment: 30%
Examination: 30%


Collection of Work

The collection will include five child observations. Each observation will address one of the five areas of development: physical; social; emotional; language; cognitive. Each of the following age ranges will be represented in at least one observation:

  • 0-1 years
  • 1-3 years
  • 3-6 years

Candidates will be required to present written documentation in support of each observation.



The internal assessor has devised a brief that requires the candidate to produce an integrated study of one child. The candidate will present a snapshot of the physical, social, emotional, language and cognitive aspects of the child’s development at a particular point in time. Each candidate will submit a proposal of the study to the internal assessor/supervisor outlining background reading, links to theory and the proposed means of gathering information about the child.

A number of observations of the child will be submitted as part of the study. The observations will incorporate aspects of physical, social, emotional, language and cognitive development for the child. They will be accompanied by background details and a brief evaluation for each observation.

The candidate will develop an overall evaluation of the observations and integrate this with their own learning and experience. Aspects of similarity and difference across the observations will be outlined.
The candidate will also demonstrate an awareness of the following issues:

  • objectivity
  • individual variation
  • influence of the environment on the child
  • influence of the observer on the child
  • limitations of normative measurement
  • importance of research sensitivity.



The internal assessor has devised an online theory-based examination that assesses the candidate’s ability to recall and apply theory and understanding, requiring responses to a range of question types, short answer and structured.

The examination will be based on the full range of specific learning outcomes, and will is 1 hour 30 minutes in duration.

The format of the examination will be as follows:

Section A:
10 short answer questions
Candidates are required to answer 10 (2 marks each)

Section B:
2 structured questions
Candidates are required to answer 2 (20 marks each).



Pass 50 – 64%
Merit 65 – 79%
Distinction 80 – 100%




  • Following successful completion you will receive a QQI Level 5 component Certificate in Child Development (5N1764).
  • QQI (Quality & Qualifications Ireland) is the national awarding body for further education and training in Ireland. The Open College is registered with QQI to offer programmes leading to QQI awards in the National Framework of Qualifications in Ireland. Click here for details of the National Framework of Qualifications.
  • Click here for more detailed Accreditation information.
  • All Registration & Certification Fees are included in the course price. No other fees to pay.

QQI Distance Learning Courses


Delivery Format


This QQI Child Development 5N1764 course is completed through Distance Learning and there are no lectures to attend.

Students can complete this course within 8 weeks which is ample time and can start it at any time of the year that is convenient. If students need to extend this period for any reason during or near the end of the course they can request an extension through the college.


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