Sports and Recreation Studies (QQI Level 5)

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  • Award: QQI Level 5 component Certificate in Sports & Recreation Studies (5N2667).
  • NFQ Credit Value: 15 credits.
  • Format: Distance Learning course supported with fully qualified tutors & accredited by QQI.
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Course Description


The aim of this QQI Sports & Recreation Studies – 5N2667 course is to provide the learner with the necessary practical and theoretical knowledge of Sports and Recreation in Ireland.  The learner will acquire an understanding of how different sporting organisations work successfully.

Similarly, the learner will acquire an understanding of how these organisations are interrelated with healthy living and active sports participation in Ireland.  Thus the gamut of how Sports and Recreation impacts on Government policy, Tourism, individual sports participation and amenity provision strategies will be covered.  The course will explore the history and growth of Sports and Recreation, how it has developed over time and how it is now an integrated part of Irish society.

The course will delve into the ethical and legal requirements with regard to running and administration of sports and leisure environments. These are critical to the successful and safe workings of the organisations. By the end of the course the learner will therefore have a broad understanding of history, organisational structures and their functions and the impact on the individual participant.

This distance learning, QQI accredited course means that Students can study flexibly at home, or at any convenient place and time, and can gain an Internationally Recognised Qualification.

Students receive a comprehensive Course Manual, Assignments, Project Management Tools and Templates, Efficient Studyguide, and unlimited one-to-one Tutor Support for the course duration.



Course details


Topics Covered Include:

Unit 1: The History and Development of Sports and Recreation

  • How sport and recreation started and was incorporated into ancient society.
  • How sport developed into an organised activity.
  • How Sport and Recreation is effected by social issues, political influences in Sports and Recreation, Economic factors, Technological advances, Environmental issues and their impacts.
  • How Sport and Recreation has changed and improved over time.
  • Advent of professional organisations in sport and sports governance.


Unit 2: Organisation and Management of Sports and Recreation

  • Professionalism in the Sports and Recreation industry.
  • Legal requirements in Sports and Recreation management.
  • Health and Safety in Recreation organisations.
  • Requirements for successful organisation in Sporting environments.
  • Government involvement in Sports and Recreation.
  • Political policy, influence and provision of services.
  • The customer care policy in every recreation environment.
  • Providing a service in the Sports and Recreation environment.


Unit 3: Sport, Recreation and Tourism

  • The growth of Tourism.
  • The tourism industry in Ireland.
  • Special events and the growth of Sporting special events.
  • Tourism and government policy.
  • Tourism economics and its effect on government policy.
  • Sport and Recreation tourism.
  • The future of Tourism and Sports Tourism in Ireland.


Unit 4: Sports and Recreation and its effect on Health and Fitness

  • Government policy on health and fitness.
  • Sports and Recreation organisational provision of health and Fitness.
  • Health problems in the future and their impacts.
  • How to provide for a health conscious population.
  • The future of health in Ireland through Sports and Recreational activity.
  • How to access a career in Sport and Recreation.
  • Participation v Profit in the Sports and Recreation industry.
  • The shape of Sport and Recreation in Ireland for the next century.


Entry Requirements / Prerequisites:

  • Leaving certificate, Level 4 certificate or equivalent in a relevant subject area (Sports & Exercise) and/or relevant practical experience (3 years minimum) – Please ask about our requirements surrounding Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) for entry.

  • Mature students (over 23 years) may be exempt from the above prerequisites.

  • Students must have access to Sports and Recreation facilities to complete the Primary Research element of the Assignment – 30 hours minimum over the duration of the programme – approx. 4-6 hours per week.

  • English Language Requirement: Students entering programmes leading to awards at Level 5 are expected to be able to: be proficient at reading, drafting, preparing and understanding information across a broad range of topics, including quantitative information.

  • Garda Vetting may be required for placements and students can apply for this through The Open College. Please ask for details.

  • Learners undertaking this programme must have basic IT skills and access to the necessary equipment to enable them to undertake an online programme: computer, broadband, email, Microsoft, recording equipment necessary for some skills demonstration tasks, and where applicable any other specialised software/equipment. 

  • As this programme is delivered through distance learning or eLearning, students must be capable of studying on their own initiative.

  • For more details on participation suitability of this course click here».



Learner Record 50%
Examination (Theory-Based) 50%


Learner Record:

The learner will complete Primary Research in 4 different Sports and Recreation environments (Public, Private and Voluntary can be included) which should include – Sports, Recreation, Exercise and Tourism.  They will gather information by observing, interviewing, completing surveys or questionnaires with staff in these areas.

The learner shall utilise their understanding of Sports and Recreation to describe and assess the below in the facilities.

  • Organisation and Structure
  • Functions and Key Policies
  • Customer Care and Safety
  • Career prospects and progression within the sport, recreation and exercise sectors
  • Key tourism related amenities and potential areas for future development

The learner, as part of the record, will draw on indicative course content relevant to the experience, thus showing application of their understanding of theory and its application to a practical environment and real time situation which will be gained through the Primary Research.



The internal assessor has devised an online theory-based examination that assesses candidates’ ability to recall and apply theory and understanding, requiring responses to a range of short answer and structured questions. These questions may be answered in different media such as in writing or orally.

The online examination will be based on a range of specific learning outcomes and will be 1 hour 30 minutes in duration.

The format of the examination will be as follows:

Section A:

  • 12 short answer questions. Candidates are required to answer 10 (2 marks each)

Section B:

  • 3 structured questions. Candidates are required to answer 2 (15 marks each).



  • Following successful completion you will receive a QQI Level 5 component Certificate in Sports & Recreation Studies (5N2667) from QQI.
  • QQI (Quality & Qualifications Ireland) is the national awarding body for further education and training in Ireland. The Open College is registered with QQI to offer programmes leading to QQI awards on the National Framework of Qualifications in Ireland. Click here for details of the National Framework of Qualifications.
  • Click here for more detailed Accreditation information.
  • Registration & Certification Fees are included in the course price.

QQI Distance Learning Courses


Delivery Format


This QQI Level 5 Sports & Recreation Studies (5N2667) course is completed through Distance Learning. There is a supervised Exam to attend at the end of the course

Students can complete this course within 8 weeks which is ample time and can start it at any time of the year that is convenient. If students need to extend this period for any reason during or near the end of the course they can request an extension through the college.





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