Easy Payment Plans

In addition to our Easy Payment options on our Major Awards (noted below) all Open College distance learning and eLearning courses can now be paid for over a two, three or twelve month period (depending on course length).


Easy Payment Examples*


Single modules / component awards:

To calculate the monthly payment simply divide the full course fee by 2. First payment is required upon enrolment.

Sample Course: QQI Special Needs (Level 6) – 3 month module

Full course fee: €329.00
Divided by 2 = €165.00*

First payment upon enrolment: €165.00
Then one further monthly payment (2nd month) of: €165.00.


Major Awards (8 module, Year long programmes):

QQI Major Award Programmes from only €104 per month over 12 months! Major Award Programmes on offer include:


Easy Payment Enrolments can be completed Online or by enrolling over the phone at 01 206 1828.



  • *In most cases Easy Payment options will cost more than if you paid in full and upfront due to increased costs of processing payments over a longer period of time. 
  • Please note that when you opt for this arrangement you are entering a legally binding contract for which you will be personally liable.
  • Each monthly payment must be paid on the same day each month (date of enrolment).
  • A late or non payment invalidates this arrangement and to continue with the course the outstanding balance must be paid within two weeks of missed date. Payments can be made by Debit / Credit cards, Standing Order, Bank draft or Postal orders.
  • If you decide to cancel your enrolment you can do so if you confirm this in writing to the College within 7 days of your enrolment date. You will, however, lose the value of your first payment. If you decide to cancel after 7 days you may do so but you will be legally bound to pay the full outstanding balance on the course fees and failure to do so within 30 days will result in court proceedings being instigated against you with the likelihood of you being responsible for additional costs.
  • Attendance or Face-to-Face Learning courses are excluded.


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