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Welcome to The Open College Careers Hub.

Looking for some up to date careers advice but find the information out there confusing?

Our new and exciting careers hub is where you can start your journey to your perfect and more fulfilling career. Our Careers Advisor – Mary McGlynn has been working very closely with employers for a number of years and as a result has learned some very useful and up to date information about best practices when trying to help you identify your perfect career and how you can remain happy in your job.

We at The Open College understand that returning to work after time off for, whatever reason, can be quite daunting. Unsure what you really want to do, it can be very confusing and frustrating, but we have made it very easy for you. Just have a look at our four easy to follow sections below which were put together with you in mind.

In short, our Careers Hub is all about where you are at the moment, where you want to go and how you are going to get there. Maybe you have been looking after other people for a long time or you have been in an unfulfilling job for too long and you have forgotten about your own needs. Well it’s your time now – you can take control and really commit to something that you enjoy doing with a view of gaining employment in an area that you are passionate about.

We are committed to helping our students reach their full potential and beyond, so no matter what background you are coming from, you will most definitely find our help and advice useful in determining your future career.

Current Jobs

In addition to the above we are also providing an area for companies to advertise their available positions for free in the areas that we educate in – i.e. Childcare & Healthcare providers, Medical Centers, Administration Businesses and Schools etc..

In the below section employers that we currently have agreements with will be sending us current vacancies for our students under different career sectors. You can keep up to date with the most recent jobs available in your area and get in contact with employers through this section.


Career Blog

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    Virtual Interviews were fast becoming the norm, but the pandemic has really forced companies to now conduct all their interviews online. Since the pandemic began right at the beginning of last year, I have conducted many virtual interviews. I have noticed that candidates can be quite uncomfortable during the first interview due to interview […]

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    What a year it has been. Lots of worry, change, uncertainty all things we find very difficult to deal with however, there is a small light at the end of that tunnel with new vaccines being given the go ahead, and hopefully getting to see our loved ones over the Christmas period. This should all […]

  • The Value of Time

    Working from home has almost become the norm and while The Open College have always been predominantly an online distance learning college and were very well prepared for the Covid-19 pandemic, we envisage that remote learning will also become the norm with more and more educational institutions and the government recognising the importance of flexibility […]

  • How to study and keep positive in these worrying times

    Some of you may already be completing a course with us or considering completing a course to pass the time at home during isolation. Although these are very worrying times, you can use the time wisely as an opportunity to learn new things. Rather than worrying about the future, focusing on what you can […]

  • Crack the Competency Questions

    It doesn’t matter how many interviews you have been to but when you are asked a scenario-based question we all stumble at one point or another. We would say for any Healthcare professional this is much harder than it seems. Your role is not limited to a job description, there is no limitation as […]

  • Be Good to your Brain

    Did you know that by making a few small changes and minding your brain can really improve your memory and also help prevent cognitive decline in later life? Have a look at the points below and see how many things you may already be doing and what you may consider changing:   Sleep – […]